Exploring Pizza Around the World


Whether you’re visiting Japan or Australia, you’ll be able to find pizza in the country, but it can be a little different than American-style pizza. So if you’re visiting another country, you may be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised if you’re expecting cheesy pepperoni pizzas.

You may have never thought that they would serve pizza in India. They do, but it’s very different. Normal toppings for pizzas in India may include paneer, a type of curd, pickled ginger, and mutton or minced meat. This may sound strange, but if you were used to the flavors of India, these flavors might appeal to you.

A French-style pizza sounds very fancy. It’s actually topped with something called a flambé, which is basically crème fraiche, onion, and bacon. As Americans, you’re probably used to onions and bacon on pizzas, but crème fraiche is a little different unless you like alfredo pizzas.

If you were to visit Japan, you might find a very different taste from what you are used to, but if you like sushi rolls, you may enjoy the taste of Japanese pizza. The toppings on these pizzas are Mayo Jaga, a combination of mayonnaise, potatoes, and bacon, and then they also have eel and calamari as toppings.

Russian pizzas are a bit different from the American style. They like red herring as a dressing, but they also like mockba, which is a combination of ingredients. Mockba is tuna, mackerel, onion, sardine, salmon and onion together. If you like these fishy flavors, you will love this Russian-style pizza.

Australia has another interesting pizza. It’s a little more than what you might be used to when eating American-style pizza. Common toppings on Australian pizzas include shrimp, barbecue sauce, and pineapple. You may have had the ham and pineapple combo popular in America. This guy might remember you.

Other unique pizza toppings from around the world include curry on pizzas in Pakistan and coconut in Costa Rica. There are probably more flavors in pizzas around the world, but these are just a few.

When you go to another country, sometimes you expect different food, but maybe you don’t expect familiar foods like pizza to be different from what you know. If you visit these countries, you probably have the option of having American style, but you probably also have the option of trying pizzas with the country-specific style toppings.

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