EU proposes ‘normalization deal’ between Kosovo and Serbia

The history of relations between Serbia and the former province of Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008, has been made up of too many broken agreements and escalating tensions for the European Union (EU) to be too quick to declare victory.But on Monday, February 27, EU Foreign Affairs High Representative Josep Borrell hoped to “A New and Enduring Foundation” make sure “normalization” Relations between the two Balkan countries remain ossified by conflict, blocking their path to EU membership.

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“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti have agreed that no further discussions are required”, Mr. Borrell is welcome to present the text of 11 articles that have been made public since September 2022 after negotiations between him and the foreign ministries of the two capitals with the close participation of the United States.Nonetheless, European diplomatic chiefs immediately acknowledged “Further negotiations on the terms of the application are required”Evoking March 18, the date for a new meeting between the leaders of the two countries.

However, these modes, especially ad hoc ones, are of a rather critical nature to disrupting the entire protocol.As a result, Mr. Kurti explained at the end of the Brussels meeting that he was ready to sign the document immediately, but the Serbian president replied that he would prefer “Waiting for implementation” Before ratifying the text, it is true that Serbia is particularly difficult to accept.The draft agreement stipulates that Belgrade “Respect for territorial integrity” its former district, “make out” his identity document, draw up a “Permanent Mission” in pristina and stop “Block Membership” to international organizations.

That’s a huge step forward, while Serbia still refuses to recognize Kosovo’s independence and has so far blocked it from joining the United Nations. “Acknowledgment of fact”, even assuring European sources. In exchange, the Kosovo side will commit to forming an association of Serbian municipalities, bringing together Serbian minority-majority town halls representing some 100,000 residents out of a Kosovar population of 1.9 million.Principles of Allowing Associations “Appropriate level of self-management” It was previously recorded in an agreement signed in 2013, but Pristina was never set up.

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