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Updated on 03/01/2023 19:05

The Chinese social network, popular among young people, has been banned by several agencies in the US, Denmark and Canada over concerns that personal data will be exploited. This is the topic of Talk franceinfo. Every evening starting at 6pm, Manon Mella and her guests debate with Internet users on the franceinfo Twitch channel.

Council President Roberta Metsola and Secretary General Alessandro Chiocchetti have decided to ban the use of the TikTok app on the agency’s professional equipment. The European Commission announced a similar measure on Thursday, February 23, followed by a similar measure by the White House on Monday, February 27. Why have the US, European institutions, and most recently Canada banned China from applying to their officials? We discuss it in conversation.

Ludovic Pauchant won Nicholas Apkin, Trend Micro Network Security Strategy Director, Cyber ​​Threat Analyst and jerome columbana technology reporter. Mark Faduran artificial intelligence researcher will also participate remotely in the United States.

Cyber ​​security threat?

What has prompted various Western agencies to ban their employees from using the TikTok app has to do with data breach concerns. In October 2022, TikTok was pinned for integrating a tracking pixel, which made it possible to target internet users.

In this sense, the parent company of the ByteDance app is the subject of growing surveillance by Westerners for fear that Beijing may have direct access to the data of TIkTok users.

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