Do I need to send my old passport to renew?

During a passport renewal, many people wonder if they need to send in their old passport. The simple answer is: it depends on your situation. If you are renewing your passport before its expiration date, then sending in the old one is not required. However, if it has already expired, or if you need to renew due to changes in personal details such as name or gender, then sending in the old passport is an important part of the renewal process; this way your new passport will look exactly like the former document. It’s best to check with relevant local authorities for any specific instructions on sending your passport for renewal

Is it cheaper to renew a passport or let it expire?

Deciding whether to renew a passport or let it expire can be a tough choice. Renewing passport before it expires can save you money if your expiration date is more than 9 months away. Every country has different regulations when it comes to renewing passports, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the requirements of your home country. Generally speaking, renewing is usually cheaper than re-applying for a new one, as you are not liable for additional fees such as processing or administrative costs required for new applications. Renewal may take up to 5 business days longer than applying for a new one, but by renewing rather than reapplying you can save both time and money in 2021.


passport renewal online can save you money and time, compared to the process of reapplying for a new one. Whether or not you need to send in your old passport depends on the specific circumstances of your situation; it is best to check with relevant local authorities for any instructions on sending it for renewal.

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