detox. No, the police were not called by IGPN for harming the baby.

On the night of February 24th, a tweet that was viewed nearly 2 million times forwarded a subpoena letter from a police officer to IGPN (the police force).

Where do toxins come from?

On the evening of February 24th, A tweet, viewed nearly 2 million times, Forward a summons letter from a police officer to IGPN, the police force. “My son has been a CRS for 13 years and he received this letter…so he is risking punishment for the simple reason that he has responded to an assault and wants to A country that does not support its law enforcement is a sick country,” the commentary read. The photos are backed up, and the facts described in the subpoena are more ironic than other subpoenas. Among them: hurting a baby at a demonstration and “lying in self-defense.” In the comments, netizens rated the letter as number one, hoping that the policeman would be sanctioned.

Why is this wrong?

The tweet came from an influential account accustomed to secondary and viral hoaxes. the day after national police twitter account Still, the denial was seen as useful, condemning the “humorous issuance of a false subpoena against a police officer to IGPN”. And added: “Even second-class degrees and humor should have a minimum of insight and responsibility.”

Regarding D├ęsintox, the author of the joke confirmed: “It is clearly a fake letter and I have written several of them. It had no intention other than to make people laugh. Regarding the police reaction, he added: “It’s all Very ridiculous. Some netizens were surprised and pointed the finger at the “anti-humor police”. Others pointed out: “Imitate accounts better be careful.” “

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