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Chris Secrest takes a break during his woodworking class during his woodworking class at The Krenov School.

Three students from The Krenov School in Fort Bragg, California. Are winners of scholarships provided through the Krenov Foundation and funded by Woodcraft Supply.

Chris Secrest of La Crescenta, custom woodworking near me California, was presented his scholarship during the semester. Hayden Castagno of Rexburg, Idaho along with Miles Gracey of Los Angeles, California. Received scholarships in the fall of 2021 to cover the beginning of the semester.

Krenov Foundation, founded in 2014 Krenov Foundation. Established in 2014, provides a variety of annual scholarships to students who attend The Krenov School. Which was established in 1981 by Late James Krenov, an internationally acclaimed teacher, writer, and cabinetmaker.

Additionally to scholarship for the nine-month program. The foundation also offers BIPOC Summer Workshop Scholarships for those of color as well as other. Who have not been represented in the school. Read more about the foundation at

“Woodcraft is proud to support this scholarship program that encourages participation and excellence in fine woodworking shops near me woodworking,” President and CEO Jack Bigger stated. “The Krenov School and Foundation play an important role in preserving this centuries-old craft.”

The Krenov School.

A part of Mendocino College, The Krenov School offers an intense high-end woodworking and cabinetmaking course. Before COVID was introduced, the curriculum was 9 months long, 6 days per week. And eight hours per day, spread over two semesters. In order to meet COVID procedures the program operates within a shorter duration. And with fewer participants to permit secure distancing. In February the school made a statement. I t’s facebook page that it would accept applications for the program of nine months beginning with the start of August in 2022.

Although machines are used in this school, its emphasis lies on teaching children how to make use of hand tools and how to create and implement projects independently. Students can choose to enroll in into a second school year for more in-depth instruction. The workshops are offered during summer.

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