Closing the review in the General Assembly Committee without reading the end of the text

Delegates wrapped up the committee’s work but failed to resolve a key provision that would raise the legal age to 64.

Just two articles and thousands of pending amendments reviewed: A handful of pension reforms were scrutinized by delegates at the end of Wednesday’s passage through committee, a prelude to the half-cycle arriving on Monday. Amid tension, fatigue and clamor, members of the social affairs committee have done their job since they met on Monday morning, with 4,997 remaining amendments, a far cry from Article 7, which mandated that the legal age be lowered to 64. .

of “7:19 p.m..”ahead of the originally scheduled time (8:00 p.m.), Fadila Khattabi (Renaissance), chair of the committee, noted, “Really sorry”The entire text will not be considered, although “28 Hours of Debate”. “28-hour blockade”, who initiated Sylvain Maillard (Renaissance) on the left, the RN representative also denounced thousands of amendments proposed by the left. The latter returned the ball to the presidential camp. “I don’t think we can be satisfied with three days of debate in a two-year committee”denouncing François Ruffin (LFI Group). “They remind me of Juppé in ’95: straight to the point”Jérôme Guedj (PS) lamented in front of reporters.

The debate revolves around advanced indexing and pension financing systems, to which many of Nupes’ amendments are directed.Environmentalist Sandra Regol dismisses criticism of“inflation” Amendment: “Where there’s real inflation, it’s down the street”. “There is nothing to hold on to in this text”Sébastien Jumel (PCF) added, “For three days we will present it (…) and support social movements”. Their proposals to secure new resources by restoring the ISF or increasing capital taxes were rejected. One of the left’s only victories was the passage of a communist amendment that removed the CSG’s hikes on all “A Gift for the Rich”criticized the majority.

lengthy debate

As of Monday, given the large number of amendments to be discussed in at least a limited amount of time, there is little doubt that the committee will not be able to complete its review of the text. “We have only 5143 amendments left to consider“Blow Fadila Khattabi this Wednesday morning.”Needless to say, we won’t go all the way.»

If you want to save time: delete bills!“, in the process defending the rebellious Antoine Le Hautman.”We are blocking the substance of the most liberal provisions to stop them and make this reform different’, insisted ecologist Sandrine Rousseau. Exasperated, elected RN Thomas Ménagé also accused the majority of taking advantage of the slowdown in debate:”Making Nupes useful idiots is for you. After a few hours, the commission will stop and we will have nothing to do with it!»

In the quiet moments during the meeting, the discussion revolved around the restoration of the ISF, a proposal from the Nupes team:“500 billion, do you know what it is? , an angry Mathilde Hignet (LFI). That’s the weight of France’s top 10 riches…to make your head spin.» «We can attribute many things to Bernard Arnault, Philippe Vigier (Democrat) replied. But it will create 15,000 jobs in France and 40,000 globally.On the RN side, Thomas Ménagé proposes a tax on financial wealth. “Unlike you, we don’t hate billionaires: we don’t want fewer rich people, but fewer poor people.“And persist under protest:”I will make a proposal to you that will satisfy you: remove the minimum age limit for foreigners.»

During an exam, most people will still be absent several times, as an amendment passed by MP Pierre Dharréville (East Germany) removed “CSG to increase all pensions”against the views of the presidential camp.

get back to business on monday

But the government has chosen the budget text as a tool, and the text reviewed on Monday will be an initial version of its project, without amendments passed by committee.Among the measures discussed, MEPs approve the creation of an index of older persons in large companies to improve “Where employees are at the end of their careers”. “an empty shell” For the opposition. They also verified the disappearance of most of the special regimes under Article 1, including those of the RATP, the electricity and gas industries, and the Banque de France.

On Monday, the debate must start with a preliminary rejection of Nupes’ motion and a referendum motion that must be defended by the left-wing controversial RN. Liot representatives are also studying the possibility of submitting a document, according to France Info.

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