Church of England divided over same-sex unions in synod

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, called on the Church of England to unite on Monday, February 6, calling a general conference that pledged to refuse to celebrate same-sex marriages only to bless them.

After nearly six years of negotiations, the Anglican Church announced last month that it would not allow same-sex couples to marry. On the other hand, she intends to bless their union or civil marriage, a proposal that has drawn criticism from supporters and opponents of religious same-sex marriage.

The proposal will be debated on Wednesday within the framework of the General Assembly, an elected body that meets two or three times a year to decide on doctrinal and policy issues.

“Deep and Passionate Difference”

“Extremely happy” Among these projects, Anglican spiritual leader Justin Welby recognizes “Deep and Passionate Difference” Discuss these issues in front of an audience of hundreds of Church of England members. “But let’s not satirize those we disagree with, or those who try to live their lives away from God”he has not announced.

He believes that the Church of England is not open enough to the LGBT+ community, “Too many people, especially sexual ones, have heard rejection”he said, because the Church of England issued an apology in late January.

The General Council appears to be affirming the existence of a sacred marriage between a man and a woman, but does not vote on the matter. The Anglican community, which has 43 churches and 85 million members in 165 countries, remains divided on these issues.

Justin Welby has previously said he would not personally bless same-sex couples. Meanwhile, Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell announced he would celebrate.

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