Brighter, Softer, Hydrated Skin? It is possible

Honey has a magic about it.

Amazing bees carry out their job, mostly invisible to us, doing their best to produce an incredibly sweet golden liquid that tastes amazing, but is also brimming with therapeutic properties. Pure alchemy! When you combine it along with other nutrients-rich ingredients such as raw goat’s milk Skin, coconut oil and fresh that we use in our wildly loved Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap. The results are pure magic.

It could seem like a sticky scenario however, honey is the perfect liquid gold that can be found on your skin! What goat milk lotion is it that is it that makes honey so wonderful? To discover the answer, it is necessary to look at Bumblebee’s flight, and examine the process by which honey is created.

From Pollen to Liquid Gold: How Honey is Made

Between the plants from plant nectar, and the bees who tend to their hives There’s plenty of fauna and flora in this natural sweetener. In the beginning, special bees known as foragers leave the hive to visit flowers to drink nectar. On their way tiny hairs that are unique to the legs of bees also take in and release pollen. They work to pollinate plants, and then transport the nectar and pollen back to their hives to use to feed their bees. Consider this next time you spot honey bees assisting blossoms There’s probably there’s a hive in 2 miles. Check out the saddlebags of pollen that this honeybee has managed to gather!

In the hive workers eat the nectar for about 30 to 60 minutes, before breaking it into sugars that are simple. Because Goat milk skin care of the clever honeycomb design, as well as the constant fluttering of bees’ wings — and the ability to heat the hive to a soaring 95 degrees! The nectar gets evaporated, and then distilled into honey. After processors or beekeepers extract their honey then strained to get rid of any remaining particles and particles.

We at Bend Soap Company, all of the products we create that are honey-based use only pure honey. Which means that there is nothing else added to honey on their journey to the hive to the bottle. You’ll notice the difference in the way it hydrates. Smells and hydrates particularly with the form of lipsticks as well as milk baths.

The History of Honey in Skincare & Wellness

Looking back on how honey was first discovered, the amazing ingredient has been around since the beginning of time. Bees aren’t just vital to our food production as pollinators. But have also been used as a symbol of royalty that go from old Egyptian times. With hieroglyphs depicting Egyptian beekeepers beginning around 2400 BC. Also. While Cleopatra is famous for taking long baths in honey and milk soaks in order to maintain her complexion smooth. And youthful however, the application of honey and milk could actually. Be a royal skincare treatment that was also used by other famous beauty queens.

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