Best action games like Bayonetta


5. Metal Gear Rising

Blocking a massive Metal Gear arm with a little sword, then flinging it into the air and cutting it in two with one clean stroke as Laws of Nature plays is a certain way to get a surge of dopamine and endorphins. Metal Gear Rising’s superfluid mobility and fighting, ability to slice through nearly anything, and quick ninja run that makes you feel like a Jedi with the ability to deflect bullets automatically make it one of the coolest games ever made. In addition, Metal Gear Rising features a novel combat system that, like Bayonetta, places a premium on timing your defenses in order to avoid taking damage. However, unlike Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising emphasizes parries rather than dodges, and it adds a slick as hell technique known as Zandatsu, which lets you slash open your enemies in strategic locations, grab their cyber hearts, and crush them to replenish your health and energy.

4. Devil May Cry 3

Since its debut in 2005, Devil May Cry 3 has been widely considered a classic in the action gaming genre. Its legacy in the action film genre is permanent. As compared to other video games, Devil May Cry 3’s amount of flexibility in terms of how you may experiment with its fighting is truly unprecedented. It’s an action game with a combat system that rivals the richness and intricacy of fighting games, but doesn’t turn away players who aren’t interested in the finer points. Apart from that, it has perhaps the finest plot in the series, the coolest cutscenes, amazing soundtrack, an astonishing armory of weaponry, and selectable difficulties that promote numerous playthrough

3. Devil May Cry 5

In many ways, Devil May Cry 5 is the culmination of the whole series, beginning with the first DMC in 2001 and continuing up until the present. It’s more fun to play than Devil May Cry 3 was, and it features stylish action at its finest with three distinct playstyles that are each enjoyable in their own right, a fantastic progression of abilities that makes you feel like an absolute god by the end, and two generations’ worth of quality of life improvements. While Nero made his debut in Devil May Cry 4, which just missed making our list, he now seems finished in DMC5 thanks to the inclusion of his Devil Breakers, which give him enough individuality and tactical depth to merit equal billing with Dante.

2. Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black was unique in comparison to the standard-bearer for “stylish” action games, Devil May Cry. It has a great emphasis on violence and aggressiveness, with foes who will constantly attack you with swords, shurikens, guns, rockets, and everything else they can think of to kill you. Despite the game’s extreme challenge, Ninja Gaiden does a fantastic job of equipping you with the skills you’ll need to overcome it. You won’t find a more satisfying action game than Ryu Hayabusa, and that’s in large part because of how he moves. He can sprint on walls, dart past opponents with a move nicknamed the “flying swallow,” and even leap from the tops of their heads into the air, where he can quickly slice down and spit forth essence for a devastating ultimate attack. The “dance” in Ninja Gaiden Black is the most enjoyable to figure out and perform of any action game’s dances, and that includes the dances in all the other great action games.

1. God of War 2018

God of War (2018) advanced the action-adventure genre in ways that hadn’t been seen since DMC  effectively redefined it in 2001. It has everything you could want, and then some: The game had it all: stunning visuals, fantastic gameplay that refined the basic principles of the previous God of War’s action for a new playstyle, an epic plot that struck on a deeply emotional and accessible level, excellent character evolution, and so on. God of War is a revolutionary step forward for the gaming industry as a whole, not just for the action genre.

That’s just a few of our favorite action games — what about you? Comment below and tell us the ones you included that we missed!

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