ARK: Survival Evolved is updated again for Switch

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved gave the Nintendo Switch a massive overhaul last year with the release of the “Ultimate Survivor Edition.”

In case you missed it, it improves visual quality and performance, reduces load times and adds a number of quality-of-life features, including inventory management. Fast forward to 2023 and another patch (version 2.0.5) is now released.

This latest update focuses on adding support for the Ragnarok DLC, along with some fixes and improvements. Here’s a full look at what to expect via the official patch notes:

Ark: Survival Evolved – Version 2.0.5

  • Added support for the upcoming Ragnarok DLC
  • Non-private meetings are now available
  • Fixed broken state where wild dinos stopped moving online
  • Fixed mob spawn issues
  • Fixed broken anti-grid logic incorrectly killing players who entered Pearl Cave online
  • Fixed number of days not saved online
  • Significantly improved melee performance
  • Fixed some mobs getting lost during ascension
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a network error dialog appeared
  • Fixed beehives floating on islands
  • fixed sap tap
  • Fixed Aberration External Illumination
  • Fixed multiplayer issues with parachutes and ziplines
  • Improved underwater post-processing visuals
  • Improved Aberration Cave Lighting
  • Fixed tooltip icons being too bright
  • Improved Baby Reaper vfx
  • Fixed the aggro issue of Lord of Death
  • Fixed Reaper impregnation when riding mobs
  • Fixed Rockwell Trophy visual issues
  • Fixed Manticore trophy colors being accurate
  • Fixed lighting for Rockwell Boss Arena
  • Fixed Rockwell tentacle animation issues
  • Fixed an issue where tamed Megalosaurus would stand while sleeping
  • Fixed Megatherium to stay seated on save/load
  • Fixed many ground seams and collision issues on all maps
  • Fixed bad movement on flyers if player logged out while installing online
  • Fixed mating icon flickering online
  • Fixed animation hook to open map or loop tool online
  • Fixed mobs in caves as untamable by design
  • Fixed an issue where the Cryopod tooltip was not displaying stats correctly
  • Fixed the visual effects of the “Waiting She” explorer note
  • Fixed Ballista turret visualizing ammo when out of ammo
  • Cheating flies are no longer interrupted when colliding with water

Have you tried Ark: Survival Evolved’s latest Switch update? Notice anything else? Tell us below.

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