Applying for a Turkey visa as a Bahraini citizen


The process for obtaining a visa for Turkey for both Bahrain and Mexican citizens is relatively straightforward but does require some paperwork. Generally, in order to be eligible for a visa to Turkey, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria and have a valid passport. Depending on the purpose of the visit, applicants may require additional documentation.

Bahrain and Mexican citizens can easily obtain a visa to travel to Turkey.

For Bahrain citizens, the application Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens  process begins with obtaining the necessary application form and completing it with accurate information. Bahrain citizens should also include a copy of their Bahraini passport and a copy of their recent Bahrain residence permit. Additional documents may be needed depending on the purpose of the trip to Turkey, such as a letter of invitation, evidence of financial means, proof of medical insurance, or other relevant documents.


After the application is submitted, Bahrain citizens will need to present their passports for verification to the Turkish Consulate or Embassy in the country of residence. This is to ensure that all the information is accurate and that there are no discrepancies with the passport. Depending on the circumstances and duration of the stay in Turkey, a fee may also be required.

Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. 

For Mexican citizens, the application process is slightly different. Mexican citizens must complete the visa application online and will need to provide a digital photograph, details about their travel plans, and any additional documents that are relevant to the purpose of their trip. In addition, a copy of the Mexican passport must be included in the application.


Once the visa application is received, Mexican citizens will need to mail the original passport and the visa application form to the Turkish Embassy in their home country. A fee may also be required.

The benefits of having a visa

Whether visiting for business or pleasure, Mexican and Bahraini citizens wishing to travel to Turkey must obtain the appropriate visa in order to enter the country. With the right documentation, obtaining a visa to Turkey is a straightforward affair.

consulate. Applicants from Mexico and Bahrain need an e-Visa to travel to Turkey, saving them the hassle and potential wait times associated with applying for a visa with an embassy or consulate. 


To apply for an e-Visa, applicants Turkey Visa for Mexican Citizens are required to fill out the application on the official Turkish government website. This involves providing detailed information such as passport details, contact information, and a planned itinerary. Applicants may also be asked to supply evidence of their ties to either Mexico or Bahrain, such as copies of their passports and bank statements. Citizens of Bahrain and Mexico are also required to provide proof of a return ticket or onward travel.

All that is required is a valid passport, a photo, and a visa application form.

In some cases, applicants may be asked to supply additional documentation, such as a travel invitation from a local host or an accommodation confirmation. This can be obtained from a travel agency or simply from a hotel voucher.


Once the application is submitted, processing takes 24 hours. Applicants will receive their visa by email within the specified timeframe, after which they must print out a hard copy to present at the border.

The Turkish e-Visa is valid for a maximum of 180 days after the application is approved. Holders of the e-Visa are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days within this period, with a single trip or multiple trips allowed.

In conclusion

both Mexican and Bahraini citizens wishing to travel to Turkey must apply for the appropriate visa. This can be done via the e-Visa, which requires applicants to complete an online application, submit evidence of ties to their home country, and provide proof of a return ticket or onward travel. Processing is usually completed within 24 hours after payment, after which a valid e-Visa will be issued, allowing multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days.


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