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Hogwarts Legacy is February’s novelty, immersing us in the wizarding world and offering us a unique experience. Here are all the guides and tips to help you get started.

After more than three years of anticipation, Legacy of Hogwarts is finally here. This new entry from Avalanche Software studios immerses us in the world of Harry Potter on an adventure like never before, offering all fans of the series a way to finally become a student at the prestigious Hogwarts school. As a unique open world with rules and idiosyncrasies, media and player success. It is for this reason that, to help you take your first steps on this adventure, our editorial team has collected great tips and advice in various guides.

Which house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Always at the center of the debate among Harry Potter fans, belonging to one of the four houses of the prestigious school and what it does to your personality. Hogwarts Legacy does a great job in its own universe:

Small puzzles are all over Hogwarts, but the door to arithmetic divination can be opened from the very beginning of the game. We explain how to do it:

Arriving relatively late in the game’s campaign, mounts and flight are core aspects of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. We explain where and how to unlock them:

Your home base in the Hogwarts legacy is the famous Room of Requirement. We explain how to access it.

The Unforgivable Curse appears in Hogwarts Legacy. We explain where and how to unlock them at your own risk:

The wizarding world doesn’t really know about unemployment or housing benefits. To help you survive this economically difficult world, we have prepared some tips for you.

The early days of a demanding PC game like Hogwarts Legacy are always busy. Here’s our guide to fixing crashes and bugs.

Hogwarts Legacy launches February 7, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S

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