Agriculture 4.0, without electricity or internet

Climate change and the declining availability of precious resources such as soil and water require agriculture to adopt very different methods than in the past. Whether in open fields or covered installations, horticulture or other crops (including floriculture), Agriculture 4.0 is helping the increasingly complex weather management by optimizing the necessary quantities of energy through precise interventions in the cultivation phase.

Salvatore Novello (Novello & C Srl) and Luca Occhipinti (Lualtek Srl), presenting the Lualtek Thermo-Hygrometer

We discussed this with Luca Occhipinti of Lualtek, a farm-enabled startup whose systems can be integrated anywhere, even without electricity and an internet connection.

“Our system is based on the use of machine learning,” says the entrepreneur, “and works through LoRaWAN, a radio technology for monitoring and communicating data over long distances and with low energy consumption. The system can monitor value environments and substrates, enabling Automation of any equipment. Some examples? We’re talking antifreeze systems, irrigation, opening and closing fill. These are all functions used to manage the climate of a greenhouse. What’s special about our technology is that it effectively isn’t connected to the internet or the grid.”

Lualtek Anemometers and Anemometers

To see Lualtek’s integrated systems firsthand, we traveled with Luca Occhipinti to Mazzarrone (CT), to the table grape production company in Salvatore Novello. The latter has been using sensor technology for some time to monitor the cultivation parameters of the precious table grapes he grows in his greenhouse. Novello & C Srl also has 30 years of marketing experience and has been committed to protecting the environment and the land.

Lualtek Leaf Wetting Sensor

Regarding the Lualtek technology,” Novello explained, “our company uses a motor management system with two actuators. We decided to focus on technological innovation and energy saving, which are hot topics these days, because prices have risen too fast in recent months and the future prospects are not so promising. We can remotely and securely manage our greenhouses, raise or lower side curtains, and control the climate inside the greenhouse. These values ​​include temperature, humidity, wind force and direction inside and outside the greenhouse. “

“In this way,” continues the Sicilian producer, “we were able to optimize our production and reduce our consumption of water, energy and fertilizers. After the first year of use, our electricity and water consumption dropped and a considerable Additional Benefits Thanks to Lualtek, we’ve been able to streamline the manpower required to open and close our greenhouses; we’ve also reduced the resources we spend on agronomic monitoring, relying entirely on accurate, scientific data rather than human assessments.

“Greenhouses with sensors for monitoring and automation are not new,” concludes Noveloy. “This is the new technological approach here, with a system that works without electricity or the internet. All programming can be done from the comfort of your office or home from your phone, PC or any device. Days.”

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