After Breakup, Shakira Shares How She Questioned Her Expectations About Love, Family And A Man’s Appearance

Arguably the most popular Latin American star of all time, Colombian singer Shakira, with a career spanning three decades and sales of over 60 million albums, has been in the news in recent weeks, not because of her music nor because Elsewhere she faces eight years in prison in Spain for tax evasion, and no, she’s making headlines for her split from footballer Gérard Pique, father of her two sons, for “two Ten years” model and left her.

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She retaliated by releasing a song in January that broke records for views on YouTube within 24 hours. She hasn’t spoken since this episode, and on Sunday she finally gave a long 30-minute interview on Mexican TV in which she talked about everything, her career, her children and, of course, Gerald Pique, but most of all, her self-questioning, the time she spent trying to break free from the norm and everything expected of a woman in Colombia, Latin America and elsewhere.

“I have fallen in love with love”

“Until now, she said, I’ve been emotionally dependent on men, on their gaze, on their approval, and I’ve fully embraced the allegory that a woman needs a man to be whole and whole,” a myth that implicitly suggests singleness and independence of women fail somewhere. “I’ve fallen in love with love [sous-entendu comme un but en soi]and then I had this dream of starting a family, having children, and living under the same roof as my father, but now, all those dreams were doomed.

She didn’t say she didn’t believe in family anymore, she said that life is more delicate than a fairy tale and most importantly, people can get out of it. We found another Shakira, very different from the super confident, powerful, bold singer we saw in the clip. We heard from a 46-year-old woman who questioned the standards she was born with, saying she now knows she can be self-sufficient and be herself.

This is social networking, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, remember, it’s not the revenge part, it’s a message about the importance of realizing yourself, for yourself, and no longer relying on your father, brother, husband, boss, or any male gaze of approval . There are thousands of endorsement posts and testimonials. Suffice it to say that there is a real social body out there, which is much, really much more than the little personal lives of the stars anyway.

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