A ‘very positive’ inaugural Olympic qualifier

This weekend, France’s best amateur boxer made his first Olympic qualifier. Target: Players designated for the European Games at the end of June. There, athletes will be able to win their first quotas for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

After three days of fighting, a hierarchy was established. This weekend in Saint-Quentin (Aisne), France’s best amateur boxers will come together to compete. They have a maximum of four per category and are all boxed in order to designate the first place in France in each category. The “No. 1” will compete at the European Games in Krakow, Poland (June 21-July 2), where the first quota for the 2024 Paris Games will be allocated.

“It was a success for the athletes and coaches and the public, and National Technical Director Mehdi Nichane is happy with that. There were a couple of worthy athletes, but those who were there showed a very interesting level. We met Trouble building hierarchies in certain categories. We also see that there are number twos who sometimes do well.

“Best Recipe”

The tournament format was tested for the first time by FFB, who were always looking for ways to put everyone on an equal footing from the start. Some observers find it difficult, even unfair, to rank one, two or three games so far away from the Olympics.

But the president of the federation, Dominique Nato, found his explanation in it: “It was very positive on a sporting level. We saw commitment from all involved, very high technical. My impression is that “We are approaching the Olympics because the level of competitors is rising and some have shown themselves. In each category we have numbers 1, 2 and 3, which validates our idea of ​​having this competition. The terms are clear, so we respect our commitments. Someone is always unhappy, but from the moment everything is clearly on paper…it’s the best formula for everyone to stand up for their chances. “

Team Solid Rio 2016 Responses

For the three Rio 2016 medalists who dream of Paris 2024, the race is going well. Estelle Mossely (-60 kg), Sofiane Oumiha (-63.5 kg) and Mathiau Bauderlique (-80 kg) topped their category, even if the last one had some physical difficulties. He said he was “suffocated” by three three-minute rounds (compared to a maximum of twelve rounds in professional competitions).

“It’s a whole different pace and I realize there’s a lot of work to be done. It starts now. I tell myself it’s going to be long and we’re going to have tears and sweat and blood but it’s going to cost you. There is pressure on myself to get a good medal,” the bronze medalist from Rio said after qualifying.

upcoming world championships

“Those three days allowed us to see how good they are in the amateur format (they usually develop in the professional format, which is longer, editor’s note), emphasizes Mehdi Nichane. We’ve seen some struggle with re-adaptation, especially with opposition Mathieu Bauderlique Raphael Monney.” “I live in the prospect of 2023 and 2024. These guys have proven themselves, they make people dream and still want to dream,” added Dominique Nato.

Oumiha is ahead of the 2022 European vice-champion Lounès Hamraoui, who is a quality “second place”, so he is banned from the 2024 Paris Olympics… French champion and 2022 European champion Billal Bennama weighs 51 kg. Her younger sister, Rim Bennama, on the other hand, trailed French champion (-52kg) Wassila Lkhadiri in the -50kg category and her Olympic chances dwindled.

Cards can be reassigned after European Games

Still, if boxers don’t qualify for the 2024 Olympics during the European Games, there could be a reshuffle. “Number 1 has a totem of immunity, at least until the European Games, Mehdi Nichane explained. But if they fail there, the dice will be redistributed, and even as we know about the Olympics, the experience may be younger and fresher extremely important.” Blue Jun may have missed the Tokyo Olympics, from where they came away empty-handed…

The Sunday ended with an impressive knockout win by double French champion Marcan Traore (-71kg) over Hugo Grau at the end of the first round. The ticket is also validated for him. “I’m very lucky to be a boxer who hits the ball,” Traore said. The European Games are now the deadline to prepare. You have to punch as much as possible to position yourself. I’m going up. It is now followed by the French team and especially the World Championships (Uzbekistan in May for men and India for women in March). Before participating in the European Games, first a ticket dealer for Paris 2024.

European Games Qualifiers: Women:

  • -50kg: Wasilla Kadiri
  • -54kg: Delphine Mancini
  • -57kg: Amina Zidani
  • -60kg: Estelle Mosley
  • -66kg: Emily Sovenko
  • – 75 kg: Davina Michelle


  • -51 kg: Bilal Bennama
  • -57kg: Riyad Rabidi
  • -63.5kg: Sophiana Omeha
  • -71kg: Marcante Laure
  • -80kg: Matthew Baldrick
  • -92kg: Sohbubfia
  • +92 kg: Jamili Abdul

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