A Quick Checklist To Organise A Successful Hybrid Event

Hybrid events are one of the emerging and most trusting modes of events in this digital era. Its popularity is increasing in the whole event industry and event hosts find it value for money. As every brand and business used to host in-person events and integrating that with a hybrid event platform is quite an affordable deal.

However, there are many plans and arrangements that go beyond finding how to host a hybrid event. But here today, we have made a quick hybrid event checklist for the successful completion of the event. So let’s get started with the equipment checklist;

Checklist For Hybrid Event Equipment

To provide a full event experience and contact attendees wherever they are, the proper technology and trade tools are required. They consist of:

1. WiFi

For hybrid events to be broadcast live to a remote audience and to enable communication between both participant groups and the event organizers, stable WiFi is a necessity.

2. Camera 

For the high-quality video streaming required for live and recorded sessions, the appropriate digital video camera is essential. A slight deterioration in video quality will annoy and alienate the viewership.

3. Webcam

Most laptops and desktops come with built-in webcams that can be used for all virtual events. However, by having an stand you have quite high chanced to increase the video quality. 

4. Light

Lighting is important in hybrid events, just like it is in physical ones. In a virtual environment, all that is required is some lighting. However, with hybrid events, lighting is required for both the stage and the attendees.

3. Telephone

In comparison to virtual events only, a hybrid event provides more distractions for the presenter. Therefore, when the speaker rotates to the left or right, the sound quality could be compromised. If the audio is distorted or of poor quality, the audience might lose interest.

6. Assistance system

Planning a hybrid event can be difficult if you don’t have competent support personnel available. The right support is essential for an event to succeed, even with the best speakers and technology.

7. Video assistance

The support team ensures that the changeover from video to slide to the presenter or vice versa is completed fast and flawlessly for distant guests. When presenting your slides to a virtual audience, keep the presenter unmuted, share your screen, and run the slides in Slide Show mode on a full screen.

8. Audio assistance

For both attendance groups, create sound broadcasting and test the equipment for the audio support system. To avoid out-of-turn conversations, keep a backup microphone on hand and give the support staff the authority to mute and unmute anyone.

9. Platform Assistance

Select a hybrid event platform that provides useful and engaging features. It should have easy-to-use interactive elements like polls, raise-your-hand calls, emoticons, and Q&A.

10. Mobile Apps

The accessibility of your hybrid events via mobile phones should be taken into account when selecting a hybrid event platform. With the help of the mobile app, you can monitor the event’s activity as well as stream and manage the involvement of your participants. The guests who are participating in your hybrid event remotely can contribute their experiences by uploading photos, leaving comments, doing polls, etc. on the app in addition to streaming the event.

A Quicklist, How to Host a Hybrid Event

You can only host a flawless event when a few things are taken care of beforehand. Before hosting hybrid events, bear in consideration the following:

Decide on a Hybrid Event Platform

Because there will be a virtual audience for your event, you need to be cautious when choosing your hybrid event platform. Utilize a platform and a virtual format that let you record sessions, and that also includes networking and interaction features, as well as high-quality audio and video. Because they are so important, these features ought to be non-negotiable requirements in a solid virtual event platform.

Before choosing your virtual platform, request a demo. Check out the demo to see if it has the features you want to utilize and to see how much technical support the platform offers. Additionally, start learning hybrid events best practices. 

Talk to the Participants

Maintaining contact with your online attendees is essential and is seen as a significant marketing effort. It also ensures that the information you provide to your audience regarding the event is correct and up to date. A few days prior to the event, consider changing your communication strategy. Your event may already have a trailer. In the same way that movie previews build up our expectations, try to achieve the same result with your welcome video.

Your virtual participants might need a little more help if it’s their first hybrid or virtual event. To improve guests’ experiences, develop event FAQs. Common and significant questions about the event should be included in the FAQs. These kinds of small adjustments might help you make sure that your visitors are comfortable and feel welcomed.

Be Adaptable

Given the uncertain circumstances we live in today, adaptability is crucial. Unexpected hitches and problems could occur throughout your hybrid conference. But remain composed. Reorganize the sessions to keep the show going. Informing attendees of the modifications will increase their participation.

Practise Will Make You Perfect

Just like with virtual events, rehearsals are essential for any hybrid event. Remember that your speakers will interact with two distinct audiences, therefore it’s crucial that they practice and become comfortable with it. You can perform testing using online meetings or even Airmeet’s backstage function to ensure that all of your technological aids are set up correctly and working effectively.

You can make changes as needed to guarantee that your attendees have a faultless event overall. Remember that the right plan and approach are two essential conditions for organizing a hybrid event.

The above-mentioned is the key checklist that you can’t afford to miss to host a hybrid event. Hope you enjoy reading. 

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