A Guide to Netgear Router Firmware Update

Netgear routers are known worldwide for their speed and strong WiFi signals. However, even these devices provide average connectivity in case the firmware is not updated. With outdated firmware, you are going to experience ea drop in WiFi signals, slow internet speed, and much more. You can avert all that by simply performing a Netgear router firmware update.

That’s right. However, with the existence of dual modes to do Netgear router firmware updates, users can easily get confused. Thus, to lessen the confusion, we are here to guide you. We will help you update firmware by accessing http://routerlogin.net. Read on.

Automatic Firmware Update

  • Turn the Netgear router on.
  • Connect router with host Modem
  • Set in a perfect location
  • Open Internet browser
  • Enter the default URL inthe address bar
  • Hit enter
  • Do router login
  • Move to the router dashboard
  • Head over to firmware update
  • Turn on the auto-update function
  • Click save

The automatic mode was that simple. Instead of the default URL, you can even use the default IP address. While using this, you need to ensure that no errors are there from the users’ end. Otherwise, you might face IP not working issue.

Manual Method

Download the Latest Firmware Version

The manual method starts with downloading the latest firmware version of the Netgear router you are using. Depending on your router model, you should download the firmware version. Make sure you read the basic requirements before downloading it. If you get the wrong version, it won’t work. Rather, you might have to reset your device.

Save to Local Storage

Once the file to be downloaded is chosen, hit the download button. The download process starts. Once complete, save the location to save the file. Make sure you choose a space that has easy access. It comes in handy while uploading the downloaded firmware version. You can also store it on an external storage device.

Connect Router-Modem

To perform a Netgear router firmware update, you need to have internet access. Thus, you should connect the router of the host modem. For that matter, you can use an Ethernet cable or form a wireless connection. Usually, we recommend users form a wired connection. Otherwise, the chances of fluctuations increase.

Select Location for Placement

Let’s set the Netgear router in an open and airy space. Apart from that, make sure there is no WiFi interference. For that, you need to remove the heavy electronic gadgets surrounding the router. Moreover, make sure the placement is central and not in a corner or inside a wall socket.

Hop On a PC

It is time to start a PC or laptop. The power supply should be crucial to ensure the system stays turned on during the whole process. Thus, you should check that the power cord is not damaged. Rather, it should offer a perfect flow of electric current to the system used.

Run Internet Browser

Choose a web browser to perform a Netgear router firmware update. Make sure the chosen internet browser is up to date, stable and compatible with your system. Apart from that, you must clear its cookies and cache memory.

Access Default URL

Get hold of the default URL and enter it into the web browser. You must ensure that the URL is typed in the address bar only. The search bar should be avoided at every cost. Also, you should not make even a single typing error while entering the URL.

Perform Router Login

The default URL takes you to the router login page. You must have default router login credentials to enter the router dashboard. For instance, in case you want to access the NetgearAC750 setup wizard to update its firmware, you need to have its login details. Otherwise, you can’t do the router login.

Go to Firmware Update>Upload

After having access to the router web interface, head over to firmware update and choose the upload option. Browse the file that you downloaded and stored on your system. Choose it and hit upload. Wait until the uploading process completes.


After the uploading is complete, hit the Save button. If required, you might have to reboot your router. Hence, the Netgear router firmware update process is complete.

Wrap Up

We hope the guidelines were simpler and easy to go through. After updating the firmware, you can rest assured of having the best internet experience throughout your house. Make sure you leave feedback in the section below.

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