Airport parking is the most widely used option that is available at most airports. These services also provide other different services such as simply booking a parking space leaving your car in for the duration of your trip to a full service of having your car cleaned and ready for you to pick up when you return.

It is an excellent idea to book Valencia’s airport parking or anywhere that you are traveling from so that you don’t end up missing your flight, and you are assured that your vehicle is parked safe and secured.

  1. Drop-Off and Pick up Zones

Drop-off and pick-up zones are close to the terminal and they require curb space. Vehicles parked within a short time frame of 15 minutes. The drop-off and pick-up space are not just used by private cars but it is also used by valets, shuttles, limos, taxis, and ride-sharing vehicles.

Drop-off zones see less dwell time than pick-up zones, dwell time is the time taken by a vehicle to take space at the curb.

  1. Short-Term Parking

Short-term parking is available at the multi-level parking garage which is very close to the terminal. Short-term parking is done at the highest hourly rate. It is used by the people who are escorting, dropping off, or coming into the terminal to meet their party upon arrival.

This type of parking is very beneficial for people who don’t want to spend hours at the airport and just want to pick up or drop-off their friend or family at the airport and then drive back.

  1. On-Site Long Term Parking

On-site long-term parking allows a person to leave their car at the airport for the duration of their entire trip. Business travelers make up most of this type of parking as they are the ones who have frequent traveling to do and don’t have time to look for parking spaces. Shuttles bring the passengers from the parking lot to the airport entrance.

The person in a hurry can also use curbside valet from departure zones. Long-term parking lots also offer concierge services like a car wash, detailing, fill-up, and oil change.

  1. Off-Site Long Term Parking

Off-site long-term parking is available at major airports and where traffic is high. These are run by companies that are not affiliated with the airport. The fee for off-site long-term parking is a little higher than on-site long-term parking. But the large off-site companies offer some discounts at many airports to their members so that the user doesn’t feel it is too overpriced.

Off-site parking started out catering to the non-business traveler but now these companies have entered the business traveler by offering upgrades, like concierge services.  The companies also offer shuttles to and from the airport.

  1. Cell Phone Waiting Lots

The best edition in modern airports is the cell phone waiting lot. These parking lots help by shortening the dwell time in passenger pick-up zones. Cars that come up to pick up passengers wait at a distance from the main airport until their party is ready to leave.

But with the help of this parking log the traveler texts or calls when ready for pick-up. The best part is that this service is usually free and the cars do not have to wait for curbside. These parking lots can compete with on-airport short-term parking.

No matter where you are traveling to and how long your vacation is going to continue for, booking an airport parking service and getting to the airport in your vehicle is definitely worth doing and helps you save a lot of time. Pick a service provider that ensures safety and reliability for your parking needs as well as ensure low Valencia airport parking price.

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