2,000 tractors gather in Paris


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A. Peyrout, S. Cardon, P. Aubert, M. Barrois, A. Lopez – France 2

French TV

As France bans neonicotinoids again, farmers are heading to the capital to air their displeasure.

A non-stop line of tractors can be seen on the ring road on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 in Paris. Since morning, nearly 2,000 tractors have gathered in the south of the capital. Their main claim is against the neonicotinoid ban, which has been back in force for a few days.beet special worried pass this measure.

Direction: Place des Invalides

According to some of them, their performance will be strongly affected. Faced with these statements, passers-by have different opinions. While some have heard their demands, others see ecology as a discipline that cannot be seconded to the performance of farmers. Under the disbelieving gaze of the Parisians, the tractor drove towards the Place des Invalides. In addition to pesticides, they also demonstrate resistance to the rigors of life in an agricultural environment.

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