1958 World Cup, Thirteen Works by Just Fontaine

This is the story of a seemingly insignificant record that has become a myth. death wednesday 1Well March, at the age of 89, Just Fontaine made the formula a palimpsest by reinterpreting it. “The Egyptologists found a complete mummy. They observed her and noticed she was moving under the bandages. They rushed to release her, and when she could finally speak, she said, ‘I’m sorry, Just Fontaine Still keep the scoring record? ” »he often entertains himself.

Since the summer of 1958, in Sweden, the ex-France striker has been alone in the number one World Cup goal scorer. Generations of scorers, from Pele to Lionel Messi to Ronaldo or Miroslav Klose, have gnashed their teeth at the number 13, the former Reims Stadium icon’s lucky charm. “I don’t know if this record will be broken, He said in 2014. But hey, if only I could keep it. » He will take it to the grave.

On the outskirts of the summer of 1958, when General de Gaulle had just been granted full powers in France, when Algiers had already rebelled, and when the generals were dreaming of a coup in Paris, French football was playing its first team. Adventure at the World Cup, moving up to third in the tournament with the talent of striker Just Fontaine.

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A beautiful stadium that not many people believe in – starting with the French Football Federation, it only has three kits, one for each game in the first round.regardless paris match Titled, The Day After the Mini-Final, “They made France one of the greatest footballers”, the blues epic began in relative anonymity. Only 200 supporters and six unbelieving journalists went. Back then, football didn’t have the aura it has today, and that summer France was far more enthusiastic about the Tour de France and the clash between Raphael Geminiani, Jacques Anquitier and Charlie Gower.

“Fantastic Duo”

“Initially, the French press didn’t give us the chance, we were going there on holidayrecalled Raymond Kopa in 2017. At the time, we didn’t seem very good, very good. » The Blues hadn’t won a game for seven months before heading to Sweden, and observers remember returning from Switzerland with nothing at the 1954 World Cup after being knocked out in the first round. “We were told we were the first to arrive in Sweden and we would leave first.remembering Roger Piantoni, in 1998. Our self-esteem is hurt. »

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